Inspiring U animation

Usdan Discovery Prompts

Discovery Chair Megan Powers shares with us a series of prompts best for our littlest campers in grades Kindergarten and 1st grade.

Follow the Conductor – MUSIC
Offer your family members musical instruments. Invite one person to be the “conductor.” They will play a beat with their instrument and then the others will try to copy it with their instrument. Continue playing until everyone has had a turn being the conductor.

Color/Paint to music – ART/MUSIC
Get materials ready: paper, drawing/painting materials. Play different types of music (classical, rock, jazz, instrumental, pop) to see what type of artwork the music inspires you to create!

Exploring sound with glasses of water – MUSIC
Get a mix of empty and full glasses of colored water. Grab wooden and metal spoons. See what different sounds you can make depending on how much water is in the class. Mix the colored water together for extra experimentation AND to see what new sounds the glass makes with more/less water inside.

Mud Kitchen! – THEATER
Although we can’t eat what we create in a mud kitchen, it’s a great imaginative and sensory play opportunity! Get out some old pots, pans, cookie sheets, and cooking utensils, and then have fun out in the yard! All you need is a little imagination, some clothes you don’t mind getting messy, and a whole lot of fun discussion.

Dramatic Play: Restaurant – THEATER
Enjoy setting roles: waiter, chef, pastry chef, hostess, etc. Practice setting the dinner table, cooking, baking, cleaning, and sitting at the table together! This is a great time to practice table manners, and engage in conversation together. You can do this for play, or during a meal time together as a family.

Mail a Hug – WRITING
1. Spread out a long sheet of butcher paper.
2. Trace the child’s head, arms, and upper torso onto the paper.
3. You can either cut it out now or decorate first and then cut. We used paint but markers or crayons would work just fine!
4. Print or write out the message below to accompany the hug.5. Fold it all up, put in an envelope and mail!

“I miss you when you’re far away.
I’d love to see you every day.
But since I can’t come over to play,
I’m mailing you a hug today.
So although it might be quite a sight,
wrap my arms around you tight.
Repeat daily to keep your smile bright,
until we get to reunite!”